A pray tonight for those who Feel Helpless. Who think they are never going to be able to do enough, so they don’t try. Who are petrified of speaking on the phone, so they don’t call. Who hear about a friend going through a terrifying experience and can’t begin to figure out how to help, because if you only have $25 is it better to give it to him or give it toward a cause that could alleviate what caused the situation. Who can’t articulate the dream, so they don’t make the goals, so they don’t make the plan. Who have done All The Things Right, made the calls, made the plans, and still just feel like they didn’t help at all.

In all we encounter, may Grace ever be our guide. May we seek Grace. May we offer it abundantly to one another. May we be Grace-filled. May Grace ease our Spirits and rejuvenate us. May Grace inspire us and carry us.

May we rest in God’s peace this night.