W/R/L | 16-22 April 2017

It was kind of a stressful week between work stuff and migraines and allergies, so I found myself not being very adventurous in my Watched/Read/Listened stuff. I just didn’t have brainpower to turn my attention to much new stuff.

This week I…


Moana. Several times. Bingewatched Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix (my comfort TV). And college softball, including two outstanding games on Saturday – Baylor vs. Oklahoma, which went 10 innings and Oklahoma (last years WCWS Champion) won with a walkoff homerun – and Arizona vs. Oregon, which Arizona won.

The funny thing for me about sportsball is that while I have teams I love to cheer for, I really just love watching the games. I can be happy for whoever wins, most of the time, if there’s a good game. Arizona, though – I’ve been a fan of that softball program since I was 8 or 9 years old and watched the Women’s College World Series.  I don’t get to watch them very often, but when I do, it’s like I’m 9 years old again, glued to the TV, dreaming of being that good.


I’m steadily working through The Sparrow, but toward the end of the week when my stress was really high I put it down, for a few days. It’s kind of mind-bendy, especially with the back and forth of time. I’m not complaining – it’s so good – but sometimes it’s good to know your limits so you can more fully enjoy something when your headspace is more on point.

I also read an issue of Backpacker magazine, including a pretty fascinating article on “The Science of Layering”, which featured super-helpful information about gauging temperature, wind conditions and your exertion to determine your layering requirements for hikes. I was glad to realize the two new shirts I bought for warmer weather hiking will be perfect, and even with my sunprotection long sleeve shirt I usually have to where, I shouldn’t overheat. (Plus now I have information for what I’ll need for hiking when the weather turns colder… not that I’m thinking about that now, because Hellloooooooooo Spring!)


3 pretty great podcasts, including one new-to-me-must listen!

POD SAVE AMERICA.A no-bullshit conversation about politics.” Hosted by Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor – all former aides to President Obama, friends to one another, crazy smart, and definitely smart-assed. They talk politics but the focus is on giving information that can empower all of us in advocacy. My only “ugh” about it is 2 – 1 hr episodes a week – how on earth am I going to add that in to my week? I suspect I’ll be listening to it on hikes.

Make Me Smart  This week’s podcast was about privacy and how the horse is soooooooooooooooo far out of the barn. Key quote from online privacy scholar Joel Reidenberg: “If you’re not a gmail user but you receive email from a gmail user, than half of your conversation is data-mined by Google. All of this information can be aggregated to enable pretty detailed portrayals of individuals.” Even if you’re not  on Facebook, if a friend posts a picture of you, photo recognition software still tags you internally.  None of this is surprising if you’ve ever set up a Facebook or Google ad, since the specificity is startling.

It would be nice if the efficiency that is created by customizing our life experiences could be used for something *really* useful, like better EMR software UIs and I don’t know – my insurance company having the correct address on file for me.

Nerdist Podcast with Doree Shafrir – Doree, a Buzzfeed writer whose first novel was published this week, talks with Chris about her novel and tells stories about working at Gawker and then moving to Buzzfeed just before they launched their “serious news” initiatives (wow). With husband Matt Mira (a Nerdist co-host & writer for The Goldbergs), Doree also shares about the IVF treatments they have been pursuing, which they chronicle in their podcast “Matt & Doree’s Eggcellent Adventure.” I was excited to listen to this because Matt Mira is awesome, so I knew his wife had to be even more awesome. Some of my favorite Nerdist episodes are Hostfuls, so I knew that with two of that trinity in the room with Doree-Full-of-Awesome it had great potential – and it didn’t disappoint.

Finally, a bonus entry for something I Watched on livestream and Followed on Twitter:  The 2017 Missional Voices National Gathering. It’s described as ” a weekend of thinking, planning, and dreaming about the future of missional communities and innovative ministries in The Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion. This will be a place where dynamic incubation of new ideas is the norm – not the exception – and where people doing uncommon ministry find support and encouragement.”

I probably need to devote an entire blogpost to my thoughts around what I read on Twitter & watched on the livestream on Saturday morning. I’ll say this – Friday afternoon I was a little frustrated, but then I realized that it’s because something was being pushed in my heart, which is why I watched Saturday morning. I’m so glad I did. While I parse out some of what I am thinking & feeling, check out #missionalvoices on Twitter to see some of the tweets from the gathering.


W/R/L – Holy Week Edition

A little late because… Resurrection Day.

This week I —


A lot of Sportsball. There was college softball, there was baseball and there was the NCAA Women’s College Gymnastics National Championships. The SEC network carried gymnastics nearly every Friday night for much of the season, and it was *fabulous* Friday night chill-out TV, and we got very invested in cheering on SEC teams, especially LSU. They were amazing during semi-finals, but they had a few mis-steps on Saturday night and ended up second. Bummed, but already looking forward to next season. In the meantime, college softball TV coverage ramps up about now – we’re only a few weeks away from the championship part of the season starting.


Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake, the first fiction book I’ve read in weeks. I needed a little brain space during Holy Week. Great book with some perfect, unexpected twists that keep you turning the page… and anxiously awaiting the next book in the series.

Once I finished that, I picked up The Sparrow, gifted to me at my birthday.


Two episodes of The Collect Call . (I set-up the schedule for Brendan & Holli in January to do a sort of tour of the Book of Common Prayer, outside of the weekly collects, and I have loved seeing how it evolves. And apparently I chose a prayer two weeks ago written by an Episcopal superstar. How. Cool. Am. I. And humble.)

Make Me Smart. A *riveting* interview with George Lakoff, professor emeritus of cognitive science and linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley about the deliberate language Trump uses… you know, the stuff we get angry about because he sounds like an idiot and we think he must not be thinking… yeah, not so much. Must listen.

I also found myself listening to a lot of music last week, blasting it loud with my moonroof open in my car. (It was warm most of the week.)

On Good Friday, on my way home from the Tenebrae service at my church, I pulled up some old Sandi Patty, singing the Resurrection a little early & with not supergreat theology but it felt right for the moment.

(Sandi Patty popped up again on Sunday morning when the soloist sang I’ve Just Seen Jesus. Classic Easter music.)

Personally, I choose Matt Maher’s Christ is Risen.

And finally, This Song, which was featured in Grey’s Anatomy two weeks ago and has captured me.

W/R/L | 2-9 April 2017

For almost a year now, I’ve been using a bullet journal, and most days I write down what I watched, read and listened (to) that day. Much of the time when I’m actively watching/reading/listening, I see/read/hear something I want to share, and sometimes I’ll share it on Facebook or Twitter, but I thought I’d experiment with sharing the highlights of the week here. 

This week I —


A fascinating 30:30 called “Requiem For The Big East“, about the rise and fall of the Big East conference. It’s all about the money.

Moana. Exceptional. Be sure to watch any bonus extras about the creation process for the movie, too.



It wasn’t a great week for progress on reading, but I am working my way through and thoroughly being challenged by Never Pray Again by by Aric Clark, Doug Hagler and Nick Larson.


I finished S-Town 

Like many people, I have complicated feelings about it. It’s an intriguing, beautifully told story that you might never understand, that will almost certainly twist you around and make you ponder Many Things.

My new favorite-don’t-miss-listen-as-soon-as-it-drops podcast is Make Me Smart from Marketplace. This week’s episode is about the US Tax Code – which is not the most fun subject, but Kai & Molly make it interesting – breaking it down, making jokes and asking incisive questions in their interviews.