Our Joy Hath No End – Easter is 50 Days

Easter is an entire season, not just a day. ¬†For neophytes, the people we welcome into the Church at Easter, this season is called “mystagogy”, a time of shepherding of sorts as they encounter the mysteries of Christ through full participation in the Sacraments.

I think everyone could used a little mystagogy. A little time to reflect on what it means to live this life. To embrace this life. To celebrate and encounter the Mysteries again. To figure out what fits and what doesn’t.

I’ve got a few things cooking for my mystagogy, I’m hoping to create some content based on stuff that I’m reading/seeing/encountering and maybe post it here. And I’m continuing my participation with The Slate Project, talking about The Seven Deadly Craps of Christianity.

I’m starting with a reminder of the Joy we have because of the Resurrection.


Our joy hath no end