Inauspicious Beginnings

Advent 1 :: Hope
Advent 1 :: Hope

So here I am, all excited for Advent. I’ve got this project I’m kicking off, where I’m exploring the idea of the liturgical year as a framework for pilgrimage, so I decided to do some “Praying in Color” as Sybil MacBeth puts it. Download a coloring page from Pinterest representing the theme of the week for the Advent candles. Carefully consider all my color options. Color the first panel while praying against my doubt that I should even try a project of this magnitude. Ask myself repeatedly if I am a fraud for attempting this. Finish coloring. Hang it on my wall next to the door so I will not only see it every day in my comings and goings, but also see it from my perch on the couch (where, admittedly, I spend most of my time.)

Step back. Look at the drawings.

And wonder: Why is the dove in the “Joy” space? Should the dove be in the “Peace” section? And shouldn’t the hearts be in the “Love” section? But then what symbol would you use for “Joy”? The Cross, maybe. What about holiday bells or music notes or a silhouette of Mary?

In any case, this seems a little messed up. But then again, I’ve never read of a pilgrimage that didn’t have its travel glitches along the way. I guess I’ll just roll with it.

What would symbol would you use for “Joy”?